About Us:
The History of Kemp Drug

Kemp Drug was opened and founded in Bristow, Oklahoma in 1939.
The history of our Pharmacy is a story of it's own, but the legacy of our vision has continued for many generations over the years.

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Kemp Drug was first opened by Russell Sidney Kemp at 219 N. Main St. in Bristow, OK.
The store was located between City Hall and thePrincess Theatre on Main St.
Max & Myra Kemp moved back to Bristow from Hominy to join Max’s father, Russel Kemp,  in the operation of Kemp Drug.
After a fire destroyed the Princess Theater, the property was acquired by the Kemp family. The Pharmacy created a journey to expand and relocate. The facility's construction began in 1964 and was completed in 1969.
In 1969, The brand new facility was completed and Kemp Drug officially relocated from 219 N Main St to 215 N Main St. in Bristow, Oklahoma!
OUT with the Old and IN with the New!
In 1996, a new brick walk way was built beside Kemp Drug!
In 1999, The Kemp Family sold the Pharmacy to Bethany Bramwell.
Bethany Bramwell was a 1999 Graduate of SWOSU College of Pharmacy.
In 2006, Bethany sold the Kemp Drug Pharmacy to Susan Wells, a 1990 Graduate of UAMS College of Pharmacy.
Susan Wells is the current Owner and Pharmacist of Kemp Drug, and has continued the "Kemp Drug" name legacy with Bristow for nearly 20 Years.